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Why choose MK Law lawyers in fort lauderdale


Why Choose MK Law

  • We have successfully handled thousands of cases throughout the state of Florida

  • We truly care about our clients and achieving a successful outcome in each of our cases

  • We provide the highest level of customer service that you deserve 

  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients

  • We have an excellent track record of winning our cases at trial 

  • We have earned a positive reputation in the legal community that you can trust

How to Choose the Right Lawyer

  • Choose Quality Over Quantity - Don't focus on how many years a lawyer has practiced but rather how successful they have been. Ask for examples of similar cases to yours that they have completed and how they turned out.

  • Meet Your Potential Lawyer In Person - It is hard to gauge someone's personality via the phone so it is important to meet your potential lawyer in person to be sure you will work well together. 

  • Don't Hire a "Cheap" Lawyer - Discount attorneys are "discounted" for a reason. Always hire the best attorney you can within your budget. Cheap attorneys are inherently busier with more clients in order to make a living and may not have the expertise needed in your field. In the long run, a cheap attorney could end up costing you more because they may not be able to negotiate the best verdict for you. Keep in mind - you will most likely get what you pay for in the end.

  • Meet Before You Sign a Contract - If you are meeting with a partner at the firm, make sure it’s clear whether you’ll be working directly with them or if one of their associates will be taking the case. This is common with law firms so if you are not meeting directly with the attorney handling your case, request to meet them before you sign the contract.

  • Review the Contract BEFORE You Sign - Speaking of the contract, make sure you thoroughly review the contract before signing it. If you will need help post-trial, be sure that is written into the contract. If you don't understand something in the contract, ask for clarification.

  • Is it Easy to Get In Touch with Your Lawyer? - If you are finding it difficult to get a hold of your potential attorney, it is best to look elsewhere. If you don't have a connection with your attorney, your case will not have the outcome you desire. If you do not, it will only turn out bad for you in the end.

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